Food Service, Catering and Cafes

Food Service, Catering & Cafes

Food choices have become part of how many special diet consumers define themselves, providing a big opportunity for Australian healthy cafes and restaurants.

Specialty diets, whether paleo, sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian, all are a part of the food choices of restaurant goers looking for specific options when eating out.  Dining trends you may see emerging include the use of the following ingredients:

Natural Sweeteners including Organic Honey, Organic Brown Rice Syrup and Organic Agave Syrup appeal to customers who want a sweet treat without the guilt of processed and refined sweeteners. These sugar alternatives are appearing in baked goods, raw treats, coffee drinks, smoothies and sauces and dressings.

Plant-Based Protein is growing more popular as customers reduce their animal protein consumption for a number of reasons. High quality, natural plant-based sources of protein include beans, peas, legumes, seeds and quinoa, and are appearing more than in the obligatory vegetarian or vegan option. Offering these options as an “upgrade” to the standard carbohydrate sides is another great way to upsell.

Ancient Grains are gaining traction and interest again, and why not? Grains such as spelt, as well as gluten free amaranth, millet, quinoa and buckwheat, offer benefits of interesting textures and flavours as well as packing a nutritional punch greater than wheat-based products.

Raw Foods are on the rise for their simplicity and nutritional benefits. Customers are fascinated by the ability of chefs to achieve similar creations to highly processed/unhealthy treats by using only pure, simple ingredients such as almonds, cashews, seeds, cacao powder and medjool dates.

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"We have been very happy customers of Honest to Goodness for more than 5 years. Team Goodness really goes out of their way to make our bulk orders run smooth every time. Products are excellent and customer service is fantastic" - Ragna Gilmour, Nourishing Source

Food Service, Catering and Cafe Wholefood Solutions

Menu Solutions: Make it easy with delicious premade and value added ingredients reduce your labour costs with easily added options for breakfast and bar snacks, including mueslis, nuts and snack mixes.

Wholefoods Basics: Our high quality staples in 5kg / 5L including Organic Sugar and Sweeteners, Himalayan and Celtic Sea Salt, Organic Wholegrain Pasta, Oils and Vinegars and Organic/Natural Grains

Wholefood Baking: Order for your cafe or bakery with our range of high quality Organic Stoneground Australian Flours and other baking ingredients including yeast, baking powder and bicarb soda.

Organic Beverages: View our range of Organic Coffee, Milks, Loose Leaf Teas, Matcha Green Tea Powder and Turmeric Latte Mix which can turn you in to the next go-to coffee spot!

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