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Honest to Goodness is a Sydney based online store, wholesaler and distributor of certified organic food & natural food products.


From our humble beginnings as a market stall in Sydney, our mission has always been to make healthy living simple, sustainable and accessible. As an Australian family-owned business, we provide high-quality wholefood ingredients that are both beneficial to your health and easy to incorporate into everyday life, available in both grocery and bulk sizes. We stay true to our sourcing philosophy – "if we wouldn't give it to our family, then we won't sell it to yours." Over the last 20 years, Honest to Goodness has grown and evolved into a house of brands, offering over 1500+ organic and natural food, home and beauty products. We're committed to providing sustainably sourced food choices that benefit people and the planet.

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Whilst we are aware that there are falsely claimed organic products available on the market, we can assure you that anything we state to be organic supply, truly is organic. All our products are third-party certified under the strict criteria of our Australian organic certifier, ACO. Not only do they have these strict criteria regarding their certification process, as part of their audit process they collect random samples and conduct pesticide testing to ensure their standards are upheld.

Being a certified organic food shop means our warehouse and production facility are not fumigated. We follow strict food handling guidelines and have a quality management system in place to ensure the best possible products are available for our customers. Download our current ACO Certificate here >>



Over the years, our organic food shop has received consistent recognition from independent associations.

We’ve been consistently awarded “Favourite Organic Brand”, “Best Organic Wholesaler”, and “Best Organic Online Store” in the Organic Consumer Choice Awards (OCCA's).

In 2022, our Natural Unscented Castile Soap earned the prestigious Editor's Choice and Gold Award at the Clean + Conscious Awards. This esteemed body celebrates outstanding products that are safe, non-toxic, sustainable and socially responsible.

Moreover, we are a proud recipient of the Retailer of the Year 2021 award in the Australian Organic Industry Awards.



If you’re looking for bulk food products that are certified organic in Australia, visit our store at 100 McEvoy St, Alexandria, NSW. 

Explore over 160 bulk bins, making zero-waste shopping a breeze! From wholesome snacks to pantry staples, we've got everything you need. Feel free to bring your own container, or check out our selection of available jars for sale.

Many of our products, such as nuts, seeds and beans, are available in convenient 2KG packs and larger sizes. Elevate your baking experience with our milling flours, offered in 5kg and 12.5kg options. We have an in-store flour mill you can use to craft fresh and high-quality flour from your preferred whole grains.

Whether you're stocking up for your café, store, restaurant or personal pantry, buying in bulk offers savings, reduces packaging waste and guarantees you won't run out of essentials. Our organic food shop online offers the same variety and quality for those who prefer the convenience of shopping from home.

For any queries or guidance, our friendly in-store and online team is here to assist you.



As a part of our commitment to a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle, we host in-store events and cooking classes. Join us to learn the craft of sourdough bread, master the art of fermentation and explore a variety of wholefood recipes. Our goal is to empower the community with the knowledge and skills essential for eco-friendly living.

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